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We haven’t gotten any official information on the next generation Chevrolet Corvette, but according to the Australian magazine Wheels, the C8 Corvette is coming to the Holden lineup in 2019 and when it arrives, it will have right-hand drive, a mid-engine layout and hybrid power C8 Corvette.

Now before getting into the report on the C8 Chevrolet Corvette from Wheels magazine in Australia, we should point out that none of this information has been confirmed (or even addressed) by General Motors. While Wheels references discussions with various members of the GM team, they don’t address where they got this information. They do, however, point out that their magazine is “Australia’s most experienced and most trusted car magazine since 1953”, so it should be noted that this information comes from a reputable outlet – albeit on the other side of the world.

According to an article in the May 2017 issue of Wheels, Holden’s new performance car will be the C8 Corvette, which will arrive in 2019 with a mid-engine design, a hybrid drivetrain (in addition to a traditional V8 drivetrain) and the right-hand drive layout that is required for use Down Under, reports TorqueNews.

Why Wheels Cares
Some of you might be reading this, wondering why we are paying any mind to information posted by an Australian outlet. After all, Chevrolet doesn’t operate in Australia and neither the Camaro nor the Corvette are current available via General Motors, but we need to keep in mind the fact that the Holden Commodore is on its way out. The Commodore has long been the go-to high performance car for GM fans in Australia, but it is in its final model year and the replacement is expected to fall short of the current model in terms of performance.

This vacancy in Holden’s performance spot has led many people to believe that the Camaro, the Corvette or both will soon be offered under the Holden brand, but GM will first need to begin building these cars with right hand drive. The right-drive layout is required for use in Australia, so for Holden (or Chevrolet) to market either of these cars Down Under, they will need to offer them from the factory as RHD models.