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In the video he broke the window with a glass breaker tool but I believe the tint I have makes it so it stays in one piece.

Alarm did not go off during this time

He reached in and (not sure what he touched) alarms went off. He continued for about 5 seconds and then gave up and ran behind that alley.

Lewisville PD showed up real quick after we found out what happened about 10 mins later.

Off to go get a lock for the roof panel so future low life’s would leave empty again.

Now just need a way to get them to stop breaking the window.

Any ideas?

Fire after the alarm going off would be ideal. Something more practical I can make or buy.

Thank you for being here with me in this moment Stingray fam
Yeah, fire is not a great option. Short of having her garaged at night, my suggestion would be a motion sensor that sets off a very bright set of lights that hopefully won't blind any neighbors but shine directly on your C7. That and maybe something as simple as a sign that says the area is under 24 hour video surveillance. You could also just try a car cover that hides your C7 and most decent ones come with locks for the cover. Anything that someone not stalking you would be dissuaded from going through too much trouble to get at your roof.

I know from experience that nobody would try to do this with my C4 because even the crooks know how long it takes to remove that roof. This is someone with experience and contacts knowing how easy it is with the 3 levers and how expensive they are on the open market. Sad part is someone will still buy it knowing/suspecting that it is hot. They guys selling these could even have them on ebay and craigslist. Reminds me of the explosion of break ins where they were stealing air bags and the roof is a piece of cake compared to removing a steering wheel air bag.

Let us know what you select as a final solution.