September 2019 Photo of the Month Contest is closed. Ck bk on 21st for winner.
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Thread: September 2019 Photo of the Month Contest is closed. Ck bk on 21st for winner.

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    Cool September 2019 Photo of the Month Contest is closed. Ck bk on 21st for winner.

    Welcome to September’s Photo of the Month contest. The focus this month is a picture of your Stingray (or Sting Ray) that is the earliest (first) picture you have of it. Include a brief explanation of when the picture was taken relative to your getting your new Stingray (or Sting Ray). If you won within the last 6 months (March through August 2019), feel free to enter but it will not be eligible to win this month. ‘Extra credit’ will be earned by submitting your shot in a picturesque setting and one you have not used previously on SRF.

    Name:  First shot of RedHot.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  3.27 MB Taken when I first saw RedHot at the NCM for my delivery. As always, my image is not part of the contest.

    Any setting will do just fine. [ Important: if you haven’t tried to post a picture previously of your beauty, and for consistency in the size of posted pictures, check this link out:

    -For those newer members (or *** if you have not read the latest version of the rules***), please see the complete set of contest rules at Stingray Forums Photo of the Month Contest Rules

    Thanks for following these rules and in advance for your participation. Also, please resist the temptation to post comments- this thread is just for members to post their respective entry.

    *The time frame for posting your photo runs from September 1st through September 14th at 4 p.m. PT. You can post your one entry any day during this period, but the sooner you post, the greater the chance more members will have to “like” your entry.

    *Remember to be sure to “like” each and every photo that tickles your fancy!

    *The winner of this month’s Photo of the Month contest will be posted on September 21st.

    We have had some amazing “Best of the Best” since we started the contest. If you haven’t done so recently, I encourage you to see and browse backwards through the 64 winners to date.

    Finally, if you have an idea or ideas of what you would like to see as a future focus of our Photo of the Month contest, please PM me “jsvette”. Thanks, in advance!

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    aka Jeff
    'RedHot' Prod.Wk 7 Oct '13 Museum Del. 29 Oct '13
    Torch Red, 2LT Adrenaline Red, AutoTrans., Nav., Perf. Exhaust, Transparent panel, Red Brembos, CQuartz Finest
    Contributing Member of the National Corvette Museum

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    Few hours after leaving the dealership in NH, stopped at a hotel for the night on our drive back to Chicago.
    Name:  84E2694F-EB6A-4B75-B99E-49FE49DD7EB9.jpeg
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Size:  1.78 MB
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    My First Corvette, Picked up 11/11/16
    2016 Arctic White, 2LT, Z51, Mag Ride, NAV/PDR, perf exhaust, Carbon Flash Mirrors/Spoiler, Carbon Flash badges, 8 speed auto, Black wheels, Carbon Flash Hood Stinger, black locking lugs, ACS Zero7 side skirts, Zo6 grill, Zo6 stage 3 splitter, Zo6 quarter vents, C7 Carbon Zo6 stage 2 rear spoiler, tinted side markers, Suntek Ultra paint protection, 25% window tint, Borla X-Pipe, Z51 badges, Power Stop Z26 pads, Burger Motorsports air filter.
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    Ordered the car 03/20/2014 / arrived at dealership in Detroit 05/21/2014 / drove it home 05/22/2014
    In the garage, first day home 05/23/2014
    Name:  C7 Garage first day home.jpg
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Size:  147.6 KB
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    1LT Coupe / Crystal Red / Black Int. / 7MT / Navigation / Performance Exhaust (Ordered 03/20/2014)

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    I am posting this just for fun, not to enter the contest.

    This was taken by my salesman when the car arrived at the dealership. This was attached to his, "It's here, come and get it" email.

    Name:  IMG_0912.JPG
Views: 81
Size:  120.0 KB
    Rodney and C.A.R.O.L.I.N.E. (Candy Apple Red, Outrageously Lovely, Incredibly Nimble Entertainment)

    C.A.R.O.L.I.N.E. is a 2016 Long Beach Red, 3LZ, Stage 1, Z06 Coupe with an Automatic 8-speed transmission, the Spice Red Design Package, Competition Seats, a Carbon Flash Hood Stinger, and a Body-Colored Dual Roof Package. She has SunTek paint protective film installed on every painted surface other than on some of the vents' and grille's slats, G3 Carbon's "G3-O7" side skirts, GM StingRay Red Tail Lights, GM Rear Splash Guards from Trunk Monkey, ACS Composite Enhanced Front Wheel Mudflaps from West Coast Corvette, and her mufflers painted with POR15 Aluminum high temperature paint.

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    Name:  IMG_0511.JPG
Views: 92
Size:  2.55 MB

    Picking up the Stingray - January 8,2017.
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    Current: 2019 Z06 Coupe, 3LZ, Elkhart Lake Blue, Jet Black.
    Former: 2015 Stingray Coupe, 3LT, LT1, Z51, Laguna Blue, Jet Black.

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    All boxed in and ready to escape.
    Corvette Museum delivery three days before she was actually mine.
    I could only visit her.

    Name:  1217181607 (1).jpg
Views: 84
Size:  2.38 MB
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    I picked up my first Corvette (the 2019 Stingray in this picture) and on the way home near the back entrance to my neighborhood there is a gas station. As I was driving by I saw the beautiful 66' C2 Sting Ray in this picture getting gas. I turned in and ended up talking to the guy about Vette's for almost a half an hour. There was a freshly painted white wall behind the gas station that made for a perfect backdrop for our Black Stingrays (I think it was destiny)! As I drove home I really realized just what it meant to be part of the Corvette family and what an awesome welcoming group of people it is! I amazes me how many great people, corvette owners and fans I have met by having this car. I still have a huge smile on my face just like the first time I sat in it every time I get in my Stingray!
    Name:  June 2018.jpg
Views: 82
Size:  2.38 MB
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    2019 Stingray 2LT - Finally have my dream Corvette as of 6/28/2019!!

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    This is the pick up spot after signing all the paperwork. Interesting story on how I got her. I have always loved the new C7 from the first year it came out. I already had my C4 for quite a number of years and my wife finally agreed to go look at one with me after we took in her mom to our house for recovery of a hip replacement. This was my reward and after looking at a number of them in various local dealerships, nothing "on the lot" had everything I wanted. This blade silver came to my attention and checked 95% of the things I wanted. We went for a ride to "look at it" and after she rode with me and got to see it up close, she was a great partner in the negotiations. She drove my TL home and I took home my silver Z51 Stingray.

    Name:  15 original sale.jpg
Views: 83
Size:  80.2 KB
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    2015 blade silver Z51 3LT A8 Stingray, jet black interior, competition seats, Z51 style chrome rims. Suntek clear bra, carbon flash metallic custom stinger stripe, side mirrors and rear spoiler.
    1986 two-tone silver over grey C4 survivor coupe with slate blue interior and only 47k miles.

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    Found her (2014) on the internet with 1800 miles and was exactly the options and combination that I was looking for. I drove about 4.5 hours to see her in person and this is the very first in person picture and the first thing I saw walking in the dealership front door after driving 4.5 hrs to inspect her.

    The second picture is the next time I would see her being 10 days later and video being delivered via truck. I couldn't upload the delivery video so I screen-shot it.

    Name:  First Picc.jpg
Views: 88
Size:  1.41 MBName:  first Pic.jpg
Views: 77
Size:  760.8 KB
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    First time i laid eyes on her.. fresh off the truck from Mike Furman! Ohh that yellow... so gorgeous!

    Name:  IMAG0618.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  1.72 MB
    2015 VY Stingray Coupe 1LT w/Black interior
    M7 NPP Nav PDR Transparent Roof Yellow Calipers

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    Just before I bought the car the dealer sent me this picture.

    Name:  1.jpeg
Views: 58
Size:  1.68 MB
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    2015 Stingray Z51 3LT, Switchblade Silver with Carbon Flash stripes, Mirrors, Front Stage 3 Splitter, Side Skirts, Rear Spoiler extensions, Rear Diffuser Fins, Clear Side Marker Lenses LED, Vararam Ram Air, Black ZR1 Replica Wheels with DeLinte Tires and Z06 front grille.

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    THis is the earliest phot I have of my build!! The date: January 26, 2016. I took delivery of my car February 2, 2016. Since that time, I have turned it into a tribute to Corvette Racing and the #3 car in particular. This was because in 2015, at the Circuit of The Americas GTLM race, Jan Magnussen selected my then 2015 coupe as his favorite!Attachment 272296
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Tweety B

    2016 Convertible, Tribute to #3 of Corvette Racing, RPM Rollbar, APR CF Wing, Ground Effects, Canards

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    The day after I picked it up....had to take to show the parents. Name:  vette19.jpg
Views: 66
Size:  1.13 MB
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    Columbia River, Washington State

    Name:  740D363F-42E6-42E2-AF19-00BF1A94AA6D.jpeg
Views: 70
Size:  1.91 MB

    This is from December, 2013 my first day of Corvette ownership.
    The dealer “plate” ad is still visible.
    The background is above the marine layer which covers the Columbia River on the Washington state side.
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    I had a 2014 when they first came out. Then... we had our first child. Oil and water. The baby had to go... I got rid of the 2014 awhile back and missed it ever since.

    Even though the C8 is definitely exotic looking, I just absolutely love the C7. So before they become history, I went out and got a 2019 Drivers Edition last week.

    Name:  1.jpg
Views: 61
Size:  4.61 MB
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