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  1. Manual 7 speed shifting issues survey

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    I find the standard M7 to be very imprecise. If I had not sold both my C7's I would have installed the MGW shifter. The 6spd in my 427 60th roadster is a way smoother transmission, IMO
  2. Buyers Remorse

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    If you still feel that way after driving a bit more, I'd say it's just not for you. No sense owning an expensive toy if you don't truly enjoy it. You already have performance driving experience, so hopefully you'll soon enjoy it. Good luck.:torn:
  3. I Have Resigned As An SRF Moderator.

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    Agree with all of the positive comments after your announcement. You were a major part of making this the friendly and professional forum for Corvette lovers. THANK YOU...and good luck with the new venture!
  4. ME Renderings: Part II

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    As always, styling is subjective, but I for one sure hope this is not even close to the production rear end. To my eye it looks disjointed, very busy, and like it belongs on a totally different car.
  5. How many never drove a C7 before they bought one?

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    Yet another example of what a first class dealership would do. Even a great car is just a car, after all, and treating it as something beyond touchable is just nuts!
  6. Can anyone give me some suggestion on whether should buy Xpel paint protection?

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    XPel Ultimate on two Corvettes...outstanding performance. Echo the statements about the installer, it's critical.
  7. Cars Loan Now Up to 96 Months

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    "Troublesome" would be an many consumers under water.
  8. Many Auto Museums on the endangerd list

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    And that's in a car town like Scottsdale, AZ! Yes, things are changing...and rather quickly. For those of us born in the 40's, we've been fortunate to have had a really fun ride when it comes to automobiles.:triumphant:
  9. Someone finally identified my car as a Stingray! Not a Corvette.

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    Mine too...sorry if I unintentionally offended.:smile-new:
  10. Someone finally identified my car as a Stingray! Not a Corvette.

    General Discussion is a Corvette after all, why wouldn't they call it that? Only Corvette fans would know the '14 was the return of the Stingray designation. Very rarely is my C7 referred to as a Stingray, and sometimes my 427 is called a Stingray. With all the cars out there today, I think anyone can...
  11. In 4 years, only Mustang Ford car sales will continue.

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    Unfortunately the average American consumer is even more short-sighted than any manufacturer, although some claim that quarterly reports are the worst imaginable way to run a business...especially extremely large companies. Also, regarding what folks are buying, there are many studies that show...
  12. Who Is Steve Carlisle, Cadillac’s New Brand Manager

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    Or management sets unrealistic goals and doesn't allow time enough for division managers to get the job done. It seems to me that increasingly, within large organization, there is no acceptance of reasonable progress...they all want nearly instant major growth. Long term 'vision' is apparently...
  13. So I traded my Z06 for a 911 Turbo

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    CORVETTES are great, but you said it, the fit and finish is in a different league all together. Enjoy that beautiful quality ride!
  14. Hard shifting 2016 C7, 7 speed when cold

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    Yup...that's normal. And my C7 is way stiffer than the 6spd in my C6.
  15. 1st ME Rendered in Blue

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    In this rendering, to me, it looks like the rear end belongs on a different car than the front end. Hope it ends up noticeably more balanced than this, and a bit more unique/exciting. IMO