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  1. 2020 Corvette C8 Stingray Z51: First Drive Not great, but good. And a sign of amazing things to come.

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    I agree with kgrant. The time I'm interested in is from 40 to occasionally 110 mph where I'm passing on the 2 lane. Here in the SW we have some 10 mile straits with no trees along the road sides. This is where I have fun in my Callaway SC627. I don't care that much if one car is 3 tenths...
  2. Felt like we were rear ended & heard a bang

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    The dealer thinks the transmission fluid got 2 hot. He said they will check everything next month when its in for oil % filter. If it was a back fire wouldn't it feel like a rearward motion? This felt like poping the clutch in first gear on a manual. Lucky my foot was on the brake pedal when...
  3. Felt like we were rear ended & heard a bang

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    We were stopped in a construction zone & it took about 45 minutes to go about a mile. It was over 100 degrees so I kept it running. Every 3 to 5 minutes might move about 50 feet. Never got fast enough to use the gas. It's a 2015 A8, Z51 Callaway. After about 1/2 hour of this I heard a loud...
  4. Should I use 0W40 oil?

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    Can't figure out how to search, help. In the Corvette Corral at the IMSA race @ Laguna Seca last weekend there is a 0W40 engine oil filler cap in the goodie bag. Should I switch to this oil in my Callaway SC 627? Car has 5,500 miles on it. I remember reading about oil but can't get the new...
  5. Monterey Laguna Seca Race Info

    Stingray Corvette Racing
    I will be attending Saturday and Sunday with my Callaway. I would like to meet forum members.
  6. Help Saving Destination in NAV

    I've never used NAV so I have been in the car trying to save a destination in another state. I don't have on-star. I hit the destination icon and type in the motel info and hit go. I see no option to save. I shut off the car and restart about 10 minutes later and can't find any info and have...
  7. Having 2nd thoughts about replacing OE battery with an AGM

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    I've had AGM in my Harley for 3 years wih no issues. Just had the dealer put a new stock batter in the Callaway, not because the original had problems but because the car is 4.5 years old and don't want to risk it going to Laguna Seca next month. It was $175 installed by the dealer. My 2000 C...
  8. C8 at Kerbeck

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    Did you see where the radar detector plugs in? How about access to the air filter or filters. I see something on each side of the engine that looks like air filters or radiators?
  9. New Battery=Lost Gage

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    The dealer just installed a new battery & now I can't find my favorite layout in the dash board. With the car in TOUR mode I would move the DIC to PERFORMANCE and click to the right & get the one with about 5 lines showing all engine data etc.. Now I can't find it in the car or owners manual...
  10. Fuel door locked

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    Is there a trick to unplug it? Some of the new plug ins have a slider, pincher or something to disconnect. I want to try it before taking the Callaway to the IMSA race @ Laguna Seca in Sept. This will be the 1st nights for it outside & at a motel so I prefer to have it locked. I will have...
  11. Fuel door locked

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    OUR15 Where is the "1" screw the dealer removed to unplug soloneid?
  12. HELP! front hood scraped from backup car!

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    I would take it to your dealer & get it fixed.
  13. $99. NAV map upgrade

    I remember posts about this but can't find them. I received e-mail from GM to get the upgrade for $99. Since I've owned the car for 4.5 and Plan to drive it to the IMSA race @ Laguna Seca in September I thought I'll buy it. How do you install it? Do you need a lap top to install it? If it...
  14. Song in media player keeps repeating over & over

    Look at post # 3 bottom picture. When I push the levers it would go to 96.3. When I try to scroll the station list down I can't get it to dissapear.
  15. Song in media player keeps repeating over & over

    When you say "hit the favorites button on the steering wheel" are you refering to the levers on the lower left? When ever I try them it goes to a radio station. I would like to know what I did wrong to have it play a song over and over.