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  1. 2016 Pricing....Is it just me or has the base price gone up?

    I live in California, anyone know the best place to order a new 2016 and get the best price? Dealers in my area are marking up everything $29K and are not willing to deal. I would like to order a 2016 and I am paying cash so it should be a simple deal.
  2. It's here!

    Congratulations and enjoy. Semper Fi from one to another.
  3. To buy or not to buy

    General Discussion
    Thanks to all for the great information and insights. I have had 5 Corvettes since 1963 so I am aware of the warts associated with new generations until the bugs get worked out, but every car nowadays relies so heavily on electronics and software, I have been somewhat hesitant. That being said...
  4. To buy or not to buy

    General Discussion
    I presently have a fully tricked out C-6 Z-51 coupe that has been unbelievably reliable with NO issues, and is in like new condition with only 33K miles. I am thinking about buying/ordering a new C-7 coupe with A-8 w/paddle shifters, but have heard that the C-7 have lots of issues with...