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  1. C8 HTC and Coupe at the 2019 Automobility LA Show (part 1 of 2 posts)

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    Jeff, your pictures are again outstanding! So precise and clear. Your picture of the wheels is the best one we have ever seen — by far. Thank you very much.
  2. Final C7 Corvette Rolls Off The Line At Bowling Green Assembly

    Major Stingray News
    It is sad that the C7 production has ended. What a fantastic Corvette generation. Too bad the original plans to co-produce it along side the C8 were shelved along the way. As late as 2016, that was GM’s official plan.
  3. eLSD gauge (Wheel slip)

    General Discussion
    Thank you cucumber1949. I always appreciate learning more. At the same time, GM is aware that in the C7, for the reason Tadge acknowledged, it can cause driver angst, calls and visits to the dealership. eLSD is an improved system in the C8 in many ways.
  4. eLSD gauge (Wheel slip)

    General Discussion
    You car is just fine. The C7’s eLSD slip ratings were never refined to correctly read lesser (lower numerical) slip readings. Corvette staff are aware of this. As an example, my gauge read varying amounts 0-10 for its entire life on straight roads, and not one consequent issue.
  5. Report on Mich PS A/S 3+. Best money I've ever spent on a car !!!!!

    Wheels & Tires
    While I would have preferred that the A/S 3+ were they had been available when I need new tires for my Z06 (and had to get a replace method set of PSS’s, I respectfully disagree with the above comment about the factory tires being worthless in the rain. I find that they are excellent in the...
  6. Time For Reload

    Reload renewal of CQuartz Finest every few years works beautifully, keep ours glossy too, here two years after its last Reload treatment.
  7. 2019 Order Status Constraints

    Thank you Mike [email protected] for this week’s constraint report. It is super simple, that no allocations have been granted for a single C7 model this consensus. As always, Mike is already working on next week’s orders. He can be reached, desk direct @: 301.212.4420. To get the best deals at...
  8. 2019 Order Status Constraints

    Update on SR, GS and Z06 orders. Thanks to Mike Furman for providing this specific information for all still desiring to order a coupe. Specifically he shared 2019 coupe Stingray and Grand Sport orders being accepted now have a target production week of August 26th, that the Z06’s now being...
  9. 6/16/19 Corvette Delivery Post,Barn Finds/Throwbacks/C8 Reveal~Mike [email protected]

    Criswell Chevrolet
    Fun Sunday delivery thread Mike as always. I love the new delivery backstories and the pictures of the older Corvettes. Thank you! Here are my favorites this week:
  10. To GM Marketing-- Offer MATTE PAINT to attract younger demographic

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    Thanks Zymurgy. I learned a lot from reading this. Perhaps that is why most choose to do a matte wrap rather than go to the expense of getting it painted.
  11. MacMulkin

    General Discussion
    Mark and Karl were terrific.
  12. CORVETTE RACING AT LE MANS: By the Numbers

    Stingray Corvette Racing
    Thanks cor123! You do an excellent job of updating us regarding Corvette racing.
  13. C7 Splash Guard

    General Discussion
    ACS Composite is the best IMO. I happily purchase their products. And like you Liner Boy, the extra dollars is worth it to be (by far).
  14. New Z06 Arrived!

    General Discussion
    Congratulations German. It’s a beauty. Thanks for sharing.
  15. 2019 Order Status Constraints

    Thanks to Mike [email protected], we have today’s constraint report. It is short and simple, that there are no new allocations this week for SR’s, GS’s and Z06’s; and,the year’s long rationing of ZR1’s production continues. Thank you Mike! As always, Mike is already working on next week’s orders...
  16. Quick tour of Shelby American, Inc

    Around the Garage
    Lucky you. What fun you must have had. Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures!
  17. Reliable Transport to be avoided at all costs

    Good factors for consideration. Also, location, location, location is another variable, e.g., areas of densely populated vehicle pick up and delivery versus isolated country areas.
  18. Reliable Transport to be avoided at all costs

    Whatever company you choose, strongly recommend you never purchase transportation through a vehicle transport broker. Why? Because they have zero assets that they actually control, and so if there is a problem, you are first off dealing with a second hand person, and a person who can not...
  19. Going to Spring Mountain Stingray Performance course? Read this.

    General Discussion
    Thank you Jeff. Great double cautions. I will be enthusiastically heading back to Spring Mountain within the next year for fun and for a super education.
  20. The Official Las Vegas cars and coffee shows thread

    Around the Garage
    Those are such wonderful pictures Jeff. Thank you very much for inviting us along to the car show with them. BEAUTIFUL vehicles.
1-20 of 428 Results