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  1. New SIO2 car soap

    Cool....I'm in...
  2. New SIO2 car soap

    Better than Hydrofoam, Ron? If so, how so? So it's: Wash with mit...walk away? Confused.....
  3. Worx hydroshot review from a cordless addict.....

    Before I begin, let me say this is not to replace any type of pressure washer you have, or a hose, or any other tool. It is strictly to report on the quality of this product because it's been on TV. Suffice to say, it works very well for the price. I already owned a worx blower, which I love...
  4. Harvey/Houston: a lot of flood cars and many will never know.....

    Stingray Corvette Discussions
    caveat emptor, it's gonna happen again......should be exponentially a larger amount than Sandy or Katrina Due to the expanse of the flood.
  5. fast fix: XM antenna advice?

    Traded car, never fixed it.....I assume dealer did, I told them.....
  6. Temp paint protection for splitters (that looks good)

    Hi guys, posted this on the Camaro forum but plays well here as well, wish I would have thought of this when I had my C7 I'm sure some think this is trivial but I post stuff I find that works well, and I'm sure some hadn't thought of. With the smooth clean roads I have here in Florida, I have...
  7. 10 min wheel protection - thx Carpro!

    So after mounting the new wheels and driving 200 miles, it was time to put some protection on them. Because they were new, I didn't have to use a wheel cleaner per se and went go straight to Carpro Hydrofoam which is a car shampoo with silicon dioxide plating infused in it. So using a microfiber...
  8. RedHot's CQuartz Finest

    Supercharge your cquartz with Carpro Hydrofoam for a hosewash or Carpro ech20 for a Rinseless....
  9. Carpro!

    "Anyway, what do I think? The car looks great. But I'm not sure it looks any better than it does using Wolfgang Rinseless Wash' Meyer- Read post #3 (and 9) This is a great product for somebody who doesn't want to take care of their car. I don't think it's any better than Rinseless in terms...
  10. Borla exhaust cleaner and polish

    General Discussion
    Outside and inside works fine
  11. Borla exhaust cleaner and polish

    General Discussion
    I've been using this stuff since we started here. Add a mothers power crown and get relection you can't get with your hand
  12. Carpro!

    Read the description on autogeek. But I don't ever wash the car and let the water remain on the surface for longer than 2 to 3 minutes, less if I'm in the sun.and if I'm really worried about something spotting, I wash and dry each panel by hand before moving on .....
  13. Carpro!

    Think of this as a quarterly way to lay down a good coat of silicon. So yes, clean it up first. Get rid of bugs and then use Carpro essence polish..... It's not an everyday does get dirt up but stuff that sticks after a pass or two would need to go first. IMO, This is the next...
  14. Carpro!

    Detailing prob for a good wrap.....
  15. Carpro!

    No , the above is all by hand.
  16. Carpro!

    Yup, it's neat stuff using silicon....It's a great product for someone who does not want any part of this insane addiction called detailing....LOL Will make a great xmas present for your friends that treat their car like an appliance.......
  17. Carpro!

    Hydrofoam All I can say is wow....and how easy this is. If you want to "coat" your car with a thin Coat of silicon and you don't feel like working hard AT ALL, this is the stuff and your car gets washed all in one step. Seriously, we did my friend's new sonata in 10 MINUTES. So after reading...
  18. Battery Install Question

    General Discussion
    I disconnected the battery all the time on my Corvette for months at a time when I was traveling. All you ever lose is the window indexing and the height settings for the HUD. Apparently these two things are not held in non-volatile ram like the rest of the settings that don't need power. I've...
  19. Polishing Paint around Hash Marks

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    After a few years you can use Meguires 205 polish on a stripe and you'll be fine, if it's a gloss stripe. A matte finish stripe should never be polished. Until then, wipe the stripe down with 50/50 alcohol/water and then coat/wax/seal it.
1-20 of 475 Results