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  1. What differentiates the LT1 from the C8 LT2?

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    Jeff, great summary of the differences between those 2 engines. I'm sure trunk space was the driving factor for Chevy doing the exhaust pipes on the C8 where they are instead of a higher mounting like on the lambos.
  2. Healthy, Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

    Around the Garage
    Nice, but it should have been a C7 :p
  3. Water leak in driver side footwell on rainy days

    General Discussion
    Mine has been dry as a bone but let us know what the tech finds. It would be my guess that there is something around the windshield letting the water in. Surprised that it was not found and fixed on the Quality Control side at Chevy because they do put them all through their monsoon simulator...
  4. 2019 Arctic White Z06

    Nice touches. I also like kgrant's silver wheels.
  5. Picking up friends ZR1 after Ceramic Coating and front clip and splinter with Suntek wrap.

    General Discussion
    Very nice ZR1. Looks like the smaller wing which I really like better. Glad I did he Suntek front end also.
  6. New Vette Owner need help with my Z51

    General Discussion
    They are actually deer whistles. My daughters call them deer horns because only the deer can hear them. :)
  7. Jay Leno drives the C8 Vert

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    Jay Leno living the life.
  8. Soler Performance MTB and the Profound Impact on Driveability

    LT4/LT5 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    I believe this is a Z06 exclusive issue. I've not seen or felt this in my Z51.
  9. 2019 Arctic White Z06

    Looks great. Now I want to see more. I like the black and white look. Hope your seats are also black.
  10. New Vette Owner need help with my Z51

    General Discussion
    First things I did was remove those horrible seatbelt warning stickers, had suntek put on the front fascia to protect from rock chips, bought new Stingray logo floor mats and matching trunk mat, and got a custom stinger stripe along with wrapping the side mirrors and spoiler. Oh and the first...
  11. Cold air intake

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    I'm happy enough with the power in my Z51 for daily driving. Not intending to mess around with the CAI system other than upgrading the filter when it's time for replacement.
  12. HUD Windshield

    General Discussion
    Had to replace mine a few years ago due to the stress cracking problem and made sure they replaced it with the HUD version. I believe Jeff is right that it's treated so that there is no distortion or reflection to interfere with the HUD camera.
  13. Welcome to the site! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    Welcome to the forum Erik. Many of us are still smiling. Good Flyers colors car you have there.
  14. Reflective tape

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    The one thing you will find on this site is that nobody criticizes you for ideas on what to do with your Stingray. It's yours. Make it your own. I personally have never seen this done. When I hear tape on the rear I think of someone repairing damage with duct tape. I think rear visibility...
  15. Welcome to the site! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    Welcome to the forum TyGuy. Always good to see another first responder here. Enjoy your Z06 and stay safe.
  16. Anyone bought this "Half" cover from Corvette Mods?

    General Discussion
    Easier to just put a sun shade in the windshield if you're only trying to keep it cooler. Not really protecting much.
  17. Unfair Service Charge

    General Discussion
    Now that you know exactly what the problem is, I would recommend calling another dealer or two and see if they would also charge you for the service/repair. Guys above are right that if it's not a defect or failure, they usually don't cover under the warranty but the others are right that the...
  18. Felt like we were rear ended & heard a bang

    General Discussion
    It sure sounds like a backfire. Doesn't sound like a tranny issue because you apparently were not switching a lot of gears while stuck in the traffic jam.
1-20 of 487 Results