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  1. ACS Composite Stage 2.5 Wicker Spoiler conversion kit

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Update: Replacement part came in and fit like a glove. The update took about 10 minutes per side and most of the time was dedicated to removing the old adhesive tape. Here are some pics. This was an easy upgrade.
  2. ACS Composite Stage 2.5 Wicker Spoiler conversion kit

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Update: Good news. I exchanged a few emails with Joseph over at technical support for ACS composite; very helpful guy. He asked for a few pictures of the problem which I sent. I had a response by the next day confirming that I've got a defective part. Replacement is getting shipped to me 2nd day...
  3. ACS Composite Stage 2.5 Wicker Spoiler conversion kit

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Has anyone tried to install the wicker stage 2.5 upgrade from ACS Composite on a Grand Sport? I took advantage of a Black Friday sale on ACS and order a pair of the 2.5 wicker upgrades. As soon as it arrived I tried to install the pair but to my surprise the holes on the wicker did not match...
  4. Need help...Man Trans & Diff fluid change

    Ive heard real good things about the royal purple products, but i doubt the dealer would install this even if the customer provided it. I assume you would need to find a local shop.
  5. Need help...Man Trans & Diff fluid change

    Just a heads up. I had my manual transmission fluid flushed recently at the dealer. They used part #88862155 which is a GM Dex6 Automatic Transmission Fluid although I have a manual transmission. I asked why and the service rep indicated that this is the replacement fluid GM wants us to use...
  6. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    Thanks everyone for your input. I’ll have the dealer check the CAT’s during the next oil change visit since the smell has not returned and it’s been over three weeks now since I last noticed the stench. Interesting enough, I had not considered the “fuel” as a possible cause. I don’t use fuel...
  7. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    Have not noticed the smell lately. But i dont think its the CAT.
  8. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    Someone told me that there is an official “hand wave” gesture when two corvette pass each other on the road. No idea on what that would be. I guess a thumbs up will do. 👍🏻
  9. Navigation/GPS for 2019

    Hmm.. Just my two cents.. I don't think you're missing out on anything by not having the built-in NAV player.. These devices in my opinion are not worth their cost anymore and they're a pain to upgrade. Both the Android Auto and Apple Carplay have gotten very good and the Map apps are...
  10. Manual Gear box needed tuning

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    Interesting note.. I asked my service rep what was the deal with the AT fluid being used for the flush in place of the GM branded MT fluid. He said that it was GM policy to use the AT fluid for MT flushes. The older MT stuff is getting phased out and that the newer AT fluid is Dexron 6 rated ...
  11. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    I don’t believe the smell is derived from roadkill. But I also thought about the brake pads. Perhaps a reaction when the pads get soaked. I’ve only noticed the smell from the outside when I’ve either driven in rain for an extended period of time or when I power wash the car.
  12. New Oracle Sidemarker LED Lights

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Good to know. Thanks
  13. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    I’ve noticed a foul stench in the garage after I pull in during one of our typical South Florida afternoon down pours. At first I thought it was the trash bin that I keep in the garage. The smell is like dead fish/rotten eggs. Slowly dissipates. Finally figured out that it came from the rear...
  14. New steering wheel...

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Very nicely done!
  15. Manual Gear box needed tuning

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    I noticed on the service invoice that the dealer used part #88862155 (Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid.) although my car is a manual. Not sure if that's the same stuff they used at the factory.
  16. Manual Gear box needed tuning

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    With slightly less than 2K in miles, I took my GS into the dealer today for a quick check up. The clutch & shifter just did not feel right to me, very notchy, rough transitions. I'm not a newbie, I've been driving MT for over 30 years. In addition, I was having trouble starting the car in the...
  17. The official Arctic White Stingray Corvette Photo Thread

    C7 Exterior Colors
    South Florida fun..
  18. C8.R for IMSA 2020 Race Season?

    Stingray Corvette Racing
    WOW!! Finally GM presented the C8.R to the public for the 2020 IMSA season. The car looks great! it should give the Porsche team a run for their money. But I'm sorry to hear that team Ford GT will not be participating next season. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the start of the new season...
  19. Corvette chief engineer: No manual for C8, it's a dying business

    Major Stingray News
    I just downloaded the 2019 Corvette manufacturing stats from the National Corvette Museum website. A total of 34,822 Corvettes were built for model year 2019 of which 7,805 were manual transmission cars (my GS was one of them). That's a little over 24%. That's not bad for it's last run of MT...
  20. gm splash guards

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    You may want to consider the ACS Composite set of splash guards for the corvette. it comes already painted in carbon black flash finish. I purchased and installed their larger XL model. Has more coverage than the eom version. Very simple install.
1-20 of 28 Results