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  1. Tuning a C7

    General Discussion
    I am thinking about buying a Hypertech Tuner for our 2014 Z51...I have used the Hypertech Tuner in the past with very good results...Has anyone tried this brand on a C7...???
  2. Protective film

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    I had our Z51...3LT wrapped with the Ultimate Xpel film. Front clip Rockers and rear spoiler...we spent a couple of grand to have it installed...It is definitely easier to wash...The bugs and road film just wipe right off...I am much more at ease to drive it anywhere so I mentally don't think it...
  3. The official Arctic White Stingray Corvette Photo Thread

    C7 Exterior Colors
    Home Raleigh and my Artic White Z51 3LT with Red interior...It also has the Magnetic ride suspension control...I put Borla Exhaust on it real quick...This is one sweet car...
  4. Torque converter shudder

    General Discussion
    I am back to keep everyone informed on the Transmission shudder. We have had an experience with GM and Maxie Price Chevrolet in Loganville, GA. that we could only wish for. The service technician and GM came to the conclusion that the Torque converter and a transmission module needed to be...
  5. Ordered my 2015 Z51 Arctic White 8spd coupe...I need therapy!

    Keep the blood flowing. I have 30+ years with this addiction to these cars. It just gets better and better. My first new Corvette was a 1990 convertible. I went to the BG Plant and walked it through the build process. I still today feel the and think of the excitement of owning one of these cars...
  6. Torque converter shudder

    General Discussion
    UPDATE...GM sent a program to the dealership here called Maxie Price Chevrolet in Loganville, GA. The mechanic drove it with a laptop hooked up. It showed the problem as the Torque Converter and a module malfunction. So, I am at a dilemma here. We do not want a NEW C7 that has been taken half...
  7. Will golf clubs fit in the c7?

    General Discussion
    Yep. We have a convertible. We can get 2 sets in there in walking bags. I can get my big bag of clubs in alone.
  8. Torque converter shudder

    General Discussion
    Does anyone else experienced a shudder when the C7 shifts from overdrive to passing gear? It is a very hard shudder that makes such a hesitation or shudder that the passenger can feel it. It does not shudder every time but about 80 percent of the time. We went to the Tail of the Dragon this past...
1-8 of 8 Results