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  1. November 2019 Photo of the Month Contest CLOSED. ck bk on 21st for winner.

    Photo of the Month
    Submitted for "fun" only. Our old friend Ronkh used to call these "Merlin" shots. I learned a lot about detailing products from him... Ronkh - this is for you!
  2. Rear wheel noise

    General Discussion
    Here is a good thread to start with... i have my review of blockit in here as well.
  3. Rear wheel noise

    General Discussion
    The "kit" i ordered had a thick mat for the hatch and 2 panels that just lay behind the 2 front seats. Really no install, just lay and forget. Again i was able to get some positive results but i didnt test w/o these 2 pieces.. i am gong to see if I can locate my review of this product...
  4. Rear wheel noise

    General Discussion
    Great idea... FWIW there are a bunch of threads here on this subject. I also installed a soundproof mat in the back with a Lloyds custom mat and it degraded the sound by a noticable amount.
  5. Blue Lights on Instrument Panel

    General Discussion
    I believe you are referring to the shift timing "lights" or indicators at the top of the dash in TRACK mode. These will fill up and flash yellow to indicate when to shift to the next gear. These are similar to indicators on the actual C7.R racecar... very cool feature. I usually just wind up...
  6. Rotten Egg Smell

    Wheels & Tires
    Ok this is a longshot.. but if you have every used a wheel cleaner that dissolves brake dust, turns it purple usually, it will off gas with a similar foul odor. Wonder of there could be chemical remnants or indeed something reacting to the brake dust left behind.
  7. Battery Life Expectancy Map by Geographic Zones

    General Discussion
    Ok thanks!
  8. Battery Life Expectancy Map by Geographic Zones

    General Discussion
    Anyone know what the original OEM battery is rated for months?
  9. Stress Crack?

    General Discussion
    Jeff - thanks for the reply. Do you think this could be related to a rock hit?
  10. Stress Crack?

    General Discussion
    Need a bit of help with this... ugh. All of a sudden my 2015 Stingray has shown up with this crack. I recall seeing this on the forum, so i am doing a bit of research. What would you recommend i call first? Insurance? I am out of the 36 mos warranty. I do have an extended warranty i have...
  11. September 2019 Photo of the Month Winner is Racer_X

    Photo of the Month
    Hey thanks Guys! I missed this completely... figures after 5 years of submissions i miss the announcement... lol. For some reason it didn't show up as an active thread on my display after the conversion to the new software.
  12. October 2019 Photo of the Month Contest now closed. Ck bk on 21st for winner.

    Photo of the Month
    Yo Jeff - what happened to September?? :rolleyes:
  13. Blade Silver Z51 Mods - 2015 7M 1LT

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    She's a beauty! Nice job!
  14. Exhaust Fuse removed and when placed back in, car won't start nor doors open

    General Discussion
    Thanks for the reply ... and well Hey - then the battery was a breeze compared to all of that!! Yeah $80 is significant honestly... but i would hate to accidentally fry something in the process. Andi with my luck, the warranty would be void since i did it myself! PS: I changed my fob...
  15. Sad news for sure..

    Echo same as all the above. Corresponded with him on occasion and appreciated his knowledge. I Knew he was sick but was hopeful he was on the mend. Life is short. Be kind to one another. Thank you Snow-Ray for the update.
  16. C7 Z51 Broken Into and Hard Top Stolen

    General Discussion
    Dam sorry to see this happen again... how about a motion sensor alarm you can mount to the fence that will go off with sirens and lights, even a wifi mounted camera might help.
  17. Changed battery and now getting notifications

    General Discussion
    Yikes engine and transmission??!! I think i'd rather have a low voltage warning! :rolleyes:
  18. If you saw this in the dealer window...

    Corvette C8 General Forum
    I also like this rendering, but got "bashed" a bit on the "other forum" for it...
  19. Secret Feature - Rear compartment bait well

    General Discussion
    Wow not good. Good thing you noticed. What made you even think to look in the well?
  20. SRF "Wax & Chat" III … honorary edition

    Around the Garage
    Hey give Norm our SRF best... ;) Perhaps if he's ever in the neighborhood tell him to stop by.
1-20 of 476 Results