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  2. 2014 Callaway Corvette z51 3LT FOR SALE

    Corvettes for Sale
    Yes, you read correctly. It's a Callaway :cool: z51-3LT are HARD to come by! 1 of less than 75 made I am not a dealer. I am an individual. Car purchased in November. I did not purchase the Callaway extended power train warranty. Modified at the LA Callaway center. Please see pic of me...
  3. 2014 C7 Sputtering and won't start - Now, A New Engine - really!!!!

    General Discussion
    So - Friday driving into work at a brisk 40mph... My 2014 C7 suddenly started sputtering and losing power. Pulled over into a shopping plaza just in time before I lost all steering. The car would try to start, but would not run. Called my onstar cyber person who called for a tow vehicle back to...