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  1. Rough switch from V4 back to V8

    General Discussion
    I have 2016 Z51 A8. Seems like a rough shift going from V8 to V4 and back to V8 when cruising over 70 mph. I also see rpms bounce 100-200 rpm and feels like riding on a rough road for a second when trying to stay at constant speed. Is there something wrong with the transmission, or am I...
  2. C7 Z06 A8 10 Second 1/4 Pass - Video

    General Discussion
    Finally got to see a C7 8 speed auto run at the track. First pass not bad! 10.93 at 128 on drag radials.
  3. Automatic trans

    General Discussion
    Hi guys. I'm thinking about buying one of these bad boys but I'm not sure if I want to go with manual or automatic. I currently own an Audi TT with s-tronic (dual clutch) paddle shift. I love it but I'm worried about how the Vette will compare since it is a single clutch automatic. Maybe the 7...