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  1. Third Battery in 2015 C7 and Counting

    General Discussion
    Just a head's up ... at 3,700 miles my C7 experienced a dead battery. Jumped it, and took it to the dealer. They replaced the battery (even though it load-tested OK). Two weeks later, same symptoms. This time GM towed the car to the dealership. Peak/hold current meter showed no strange...
  2. Beware!! Battery longevity with c7?

    General Discussion
    I'm wondering if any of my fellow C7 owners have experienced a dead battery? Almost TWO years from my date of purchase, my battery became deceased WITH NO ADVANCED WARNING!! I live in the southwest where we experienced a very hot summer; others may have experienced very cold temperatures in the...
  3. New test and charge battery tender from CTEK

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    I know a lot of people here use CTEK to maintain their batteries, which is how I found out about them. Just went to their site, and found the popular MUS 4.3 now comes in a 'test and charge' version, which diagnoses alternator and battery. Pretty cool, but is almost double cost of just the...
  4. Battery protection & voltage

    General Discussion
    I use the Battery Minder on my C4 & C5 & have for years. I have a cigarette lighter attachment & plug them in the center console & feed the wire out the window I leave slightly open. The only on 'power always on' accessory plug in new C7 convertible I got 8-20 is in the trunk. I now have 133...