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  1. Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) 2020

    Around the Garage
    Alrighty Boys and Girls it's quickly approaching that time again! The Big Bend Open Road Race for 2020 is just 6 weeks away…. race date is April 25th. For starters, here are the links to my prior years posts: Link to 2017 Link to 2018 Link to 2019 As a quick summary and recap, this will be...
  2. Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) 2017

    Stingray Corvette Racing
    I apologize if this is not the right section but I couldn't find a track or racing forum to post too, unless I just flat missed it. OK, the 2017 Big Bend Open Road Race is this coming Saturday, YES in 7 days!! Whose in? I am running this for my second year and I will be in the 110mph class...