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c7 aftermarket wheels

  1. FORGELINE Sale on NOW till Nov 30th - Up to 20% off with WEAPON-X!

    General Discussion
    It's that time of year again with the annual Forgeline sale, so reach out to your number one C7 wheel dealer and get the best pricing and service on a set of American made Forgeline wheels. These are built in house less than an hour away from me in Dayton, Ohio! Here are a set of Forgeline...
  2. For you Z06 owners wanting a different wheel look step inside! PIC HEAVY

    General Discussion
    I had to run a set of my Forgelines up today and was excited to share that David the owner of Forgeline sold his C7 LT1 to get the C7 Z06! I've done more sets of Forgelines on C7s than anyone in the world to date :thumbs: and am happy to continue working with them. While I have the Z06 fenders...
  3. Torch Red C7 on a perfect 5 star wheel - Gunmetal rims with polished lips!

    Wheels & Tires
    There's nothing like the good ol' timeless look of a Corvette on a 5 star wheel. Only there is nothing "ol" about this beautiful new bright red C7 with Forgeline's super light, high luster wheel! Gary reached out to me after seeing a lot of the Forgeline wheels I've done and wanted something...
  4. Custom wheel pics on C7s

    Wheels & Tires
    You might have already noticed... but I LOVE wheels. :) I have a set in the works that just came out and they're from a place that mostly does exotics. In my search, I've collected as many pics as possible as well as some renderings too. I thought I'd share what I have with you guys in the...