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  1. C7 Parts For Sale
    Hey guys I have a brand new in box Borla ATAK exhaust part number 11856.. It is the nice ATAK system w the Intercooled chrome tips, with AFM and NPP adjustable settings...I also have other parts for sale. The is exhaust is also listed on eBay currently but if you want it and let me know I will...
  2. Weapon X Motorsports
    I have 2 Sports in stock with polished tips for $1499 shipped I have 2 Sports in stock with black tips for $1599 shipped These can ship next day and they're first come first serve! :cheers:
  3. General Discussion
    You guys have been after the Corsa exhaust and they're finally out this month! The carbon fiber weapon7 diffuser is the perfect compliment to this! These parts retail for over $4,000! The group buy is good for 5 guys! Options shipped!: CF diffuser and Chrome tip - Sport $2750 CF diffuser...
  4. Weapon X Motorsports
    Video here: CORSA C7 I spent some time today with one of the engineers at Corsa getting an update for you guys! First, then when: - They're actively working on their exhaust and expect to get them available by 4/1. The price: - Expect a 10-15% MSRP increase over the C6 system. A good...
1-4 of 4 Results