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c7 side skirts

  1. Uh Oh.. looks like the 4LT splitter and ZO6 skirts will be ready soon!!!

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Misfire Oops. ;)
  2. Herman's Torch Red C7 with carbon fiber splitter and rocker blades

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Herman sent me some beautiful pics of his C7 from Canada! He got our weapon7 splitter and rocker blades. Enjoy
  3. weapon X motorsports aero kit - client pics!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I have been getting more and more pics in lately with clients getting their parts on their cars. I still need to get Theta's pics of his kit on the laguna blue C7, Red Carrot's pics on his cyber gray, and I have an NRB kit in the works now. I'll make some great deals on velocity yellow, lime...
  4. Troy's black C7 - aero kit pics!

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Troy came to me right after I posted my car's aero kit and couldn't wait to get my CF splitter, rockers, and spoiler on his C7. He just sent these to me today. Enjoy the pics!
  5. Jeff's Matte Orange C7 with our weapon7 rocker blades and spoiler!!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Jeff's car is quite unique! He got a hold of one of the square tipped Corsas and we supplied him with one of the Procharger blower kits. Mike and the fellas at Gforce in TX did the tuning work. Jeff wanted to add just a little more to his C7, so he had us make a set of weapon7 carbon fiber...