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  1. Corvette C8 General Forum
    Like many of you I placed a deposit to get in line for a C8 last year. I went with MacMulkin on a friends suggestion. Finally after about 11 months the car came in. It's a c8 convertible 2lt with tons of options. One of the employees at MacMulkin told me the car was in and in order to schedule...
  2. Corvette C8 General Forum
    First time out on OEM tires, best her at Irwindale Dragstrip DA around 2000 was 7.279 @ 98.19 with a 60' of 1.737. Second time out with little better DA best run was 7.278 @ 98.63 with a 60' of 1.760. So spinning is keeping the car from doing what it should be doing if it was hooking. Ran...
  3. Corvette C8 General Forum
    The C8 Corvette has been really stirring up the hype on the internet for the same reason all new Corvette generations do. Hype. Dealership markup is the final reason why buying now is a good idea. With all the hype that the new Corvette is generating the dealerships are likely to slap their own...
1-3 of 3 Results