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  1. Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    It's nice to meet everyone! I bought a 2016 Arctic white stingray 8 AT from Chevy of Porterville back in July last year, I traded in an 2010 Infiniti G37S sedan. It's been almost one whole year and I'm almost at 20,000 miles! This car is daily driven, I have a fairly normal Socal work commute, a...
  2. Photos/Videos/Colors
    Hope you're enjoying your Stingrays!
  3. Purchasing
    I had the good fortune of finding a Z06 allocation at a dealership in Illinois (Castle Chevrolet). So far the experience has been stellar. Not wanting to drive the car from Illinois to California this time of year, the dealership kindly offered to resort to a courtesy delivery as long as I could...
  4. Western Stingray Owners
    I love the polls, so I decided to start one. I wanted to put it on the NorCal thread or group, but I could only do a poll from a new thread, so here it is. I was messaging with John (elegant) wondering where in Oregon he lived and thought it would fun to someday do a drive to Oregon and see...
  5. Western Stingray Owners
    I am dying....they told me it was built on January 15. Any SoCal buyers here who can tell me from their experience how long it took to get to the dealer? My dealer. Jimmie Johnson in Kearny Mesa, said 3-6 weeks. Someone say this isn't so. Anyone? Thank you in advance!!!
1-5 of 6 Results