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  1. SOLD C7 Black OEM outdoor Car Cover

    C7 Parts For Sale
    SOLD C7 Black OEM Outdoor car cover with Corvette Logo front and Back as well as Stingray Logo on the side. Comes with storage Bag. Excellent condition only used a few times before I traded my C7 for a Z06. Asking $100 or OBO Plus Shipping.
  2. 2016 chevrolet c7 corvette c7-r z06 indoor car cover gm# 23481362

    Suburban Chevrolet / Trunk Monkey Parts
    We have these awesome car covers ready to ship to your door!!! Click on the link below for a sweet deal on this cover!! 2016 CHEVROLET C7 CORVETTE C7-R Z06 INDOOR CAR COVER | Genuine GM | 23481362
  3. What is the best car cover for my sleeping beauty?

    Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    My arctic white 'ray is in hibernation for the winter. Time to cover her up, but I am unsure what is the best car cover to get. Looking at Covercraft Form Fit, any thoughts? ....what about the GM OEM covers?
  4. Stingray Chevy Indoor Car Cover

    General Discussion
    Good morning all. After searching on the forum, I was unable to find what I was looking for. I am trying to find out the manufacturer of the indoor (red) Stingray Car Cover (purchased as an option with the '14 C7). I am a big fan of it and am wanting to have one made with similar materials for...