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  1. Corvette C8 General Forum
    I have been searching throughout numerous forums and YouTube videos, to find this answer: from the side view what is the slope difference between the two on the back? For example how dramatic of a difference is the degree angle (if you will) of the rear of the two vehicles and does it make a...
  2. Purchasing
    Hey everyone. I am putting in an order for a C7 (base) early next week and, as embarrassing as it sounds I STILL haven't decided between the following color combinations: -Torch Red Exterior with Adrenaline Red Interior and 5-spoke Black-painted aluminum wheels -Torch Red Exterior with Gray...
  3. General Discussion
    Have a Limerock Green Stingray....does anyone know the color code for the black portions on the car? ie next to license plate. It looks like a black with green metallic flakes. thanks
1-3 of 3 Results