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  1. Cargo Mat in a C7 Convertible?

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    So I ordered a Llyods cargo mat for my 2016 convertible. z51/3lt. What arrived did not fit. The original floor mat/molding has cut-outs in the front to leave room for the speakers & the convertible roof. I contacted llyods, and they are now saying they have never seen an assembly like mine...
  2. Convertible deck stuck on one side

    General Discussion
    I just took delivery (1-15-2015) of a brand new 2015 Stingray Z51 convertible. Beautiful car. I was showing off the operation of the convertible top to my neighbor and when I wanted to close it, the deck, which covers the stored top, only released on one side and not the other. I guess I will be...
  3. Z51 Convertible - Rear Vent Ducts

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know where the intake side of the rear vent ducts are located on the convertible?:confused: The GM technical specs only talk about the coupe: • Models with the automatic transmission or Z51 Performance Package feature a functional vent on driver’s left side directing air over a...
  4. Packing a convertible trunk for roadtrips

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    So I was wondering what you convertible guys do when packing for a road trip. My understanding is the official Corvette luggage was made for the rear of the coupe, not convertible. There is a company that sells luggage that is custom fit to the trunk of convertible roadsters (aptly named for...