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  1. 2014-2016 Corvette Laguna Blue Touch Up Paint (G7H, WA135X) 19330246

    Suburban Chevrolet / Trunk Monkey Parts
    Take care of any of those scratches or chips with this genuine GM touch up paint. Or just have it in the glove box incase something does happen. Best price anywhere!! LAGUNA BLUE TOUCH UP PAINT (G7H, WA135X) - GM (19330246)
  2. Laguna Blue Engine Bay Pics!

    American Hydrocarbon
    Two different cars..two different looks.
  3. Corvette Stingray (#94) for sale

    Corvettes for Sale
    "Premiere Edition" Corvette Stingray (#94/500) for sale SOLD (I am not a dealership) Corvette Stingray in immaculate condition (no dent/scratch), 6200 miles as of 5/2/2014. I will consider any serious offer. The car is located in Houston Texas, I have to relocate to Europe :( for my work...
  4. Some Quick Photoshops I've Done

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to the forum (2nd post ever!) and thought I would share some content I've created over the last couple months as I've played around with different color combinations! Forewarning, I am not an artist and I did most of these without full photoshop tools in about a 30 mins...