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  1. 2014 Z51 3LT magnetic ride with extended Chevy warranty

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    Hi all, second baby is on the way. Enjoy a discounted C7 with the that same peace of mind as new! My car has: - Transferable Chevy Platinum warranty purchased directly from GM dealer; it's basically the bumper to bumper and includes coverage for technology including radio, magnetic ride, and...
  2. Chevy performance vs. regular dealerships? (MRCS upgrade)

    General Discussion
    This past Friday I took our C7 to Allen Gwynn Chevy in Glendale, CA to get the magnetic ride upgrade installed and unfortunately returned empty handed because Chevy would not allowed them to install it as they are not a 'performance' certified dealership. I did not know there were 2 flavors of...
  3. Magnetic Selective Ride Control for Z51?

    Does anyone in this forum have a Z51 with MSRC? I would like to know if the MSRC softens the Z51 ride (for touring) or stiffens the ride (for tracking) or both. I have read so much information on this that I'm dizzy... No two sources give the same information. I appreciate your feedback. I...