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  1. Electronics
    Hi there, anyone else encounter a problem with their passenger side mirror not resetting to its Drive position after Reversing? This is super annoying as I keep forgetting to check my passenger side mirror when I start driving after reversing the car, often times leading to uncomfortable...
  2. General Discussion
    My driver side view mirror will not adjust left to right. It will adjust up and down. The passenger side adjusts all 4 ways so I know the switch is good. Any ideas?
  3. How-To/DIY/Guides
    Hey does anyone know the best way to make the side-mirrors black (they are currently red). I am thinking something like plasti-dip but glossy, or maybe vynal wrap, spray, etc... I did multiple searches on this forum but came up short believe it or not! Thanks in advance.
  4. General Discussion
    Has anyone installed or know of a good after market blind-spot detector? The C7's design (as cool as it looks) does no justice in seeing who's tailing you in the other lane. I have my eye on this Blind Spot Mirror from Amazon and wonder if it's a reasonably inexpensive alternative?
  5. General Discussion
    I keep on doing a double take in the rear view mirror as the OnStar lights look like cop is following me. Anyone else notice this or is just my paranoia (having a "red" corvette)?
1-5 of 5 Results