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    My driver side view mirror will not adjust left to right. It will adjust up and down. The passenger side adjusts all 4 ways so I know the switch is good. Any ideas?
  2. How-To/DIY/Guides
    Hey does anyone know the best way to make the side-mirrors black (they are currently red). I am thinking something like plasti-dip but glossy, or maybe vynal wrap, spray, etc... I did multiple searches on this forum but came up short believe it or not! Thanks in advance.
  3. General Discussion
    Has anyone installed or know of a good after market blind-spot detector? The C7's design (as cool as it looks) does no justice in seeing who's tailing you in the other lane. I have my eye on this Blind Spot Mirror from Amazon and wonder if it's a reasonably inexpensive alternative?
  4. General Discussion
    I keep on doing a double take in the rear view mirror as the OnStar lights look like cop is following me. Anyone else notice this or is just my paranoia (having a "red" corvette)?