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  1. 2017 Navigation System Map Update

    General Discussion
    I was notified last week that there was an map update available. I ordered it ($149.79 w/tax) and the thumb drive arrived today. Note that the thumb drive is VIN specific. The instructions are to remove any devices plugged into an Infotainment USB port, turn on your engine (Accessory Mode will...
  2. FS: 2014 stingray z51 black on black lt2 package

    Corvettes for Sale
    I NEED TO SELL MY CORVETTE STINGRAY. BLACK WITH BLACK ALCANTRA INSERTS. Z51 PACKAGE. 23k miles 58k needed , I paid 67k last october and its been maintained at Chevy always. Just oil changes is whats been done. I love this car 7 speed with Navigation and chrome wheels, red calipers. Any...
  3. Phone pairing/Navigation Question.

    General Discussion
    My 2014 2LT Z51 is not equipped with navigation. Is it possible to sync my phone's navigation up with Mylink? I've scoured the owner's manual, to no avail. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Todd :confused:
  4. Is it normal for FAVS buttons on steering wheel not to work when NAV is in progress?

    General Discussion
    Regarding my question above, maybe that's the way it was programmed? If so, it would be nice if that was fixed. If not, then I guess I have a problem. I have a 2015, non-Z51, with Z51 appearance package, A8.
  5. No Navigation Prompt in HUD

    I have a 2LT without navigation (using OnStar), and I can't figure out how to bring the navigation prompts up in the Head Up Display. Any suggestions? Thanks! :confused:
  6. Saving Navigation Favorites...

    After reading the infotainment handbook (whicvh did not explain this) and scouring for information on how to save navigation and contact to favorite buttons (like you would a radio station), I found this video of the My Link system on the 2014 Impala. RFong tried it on his C7 and can now find...