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  1. SOLD: Lloyds CLEAR C7 Stingray or Z06 carpet protector mats-NEW

    C7 Parts For Sale
    SOLD Unused pair of clear mats by Lloyds. Custom fit the footwells of all C7's. Very rugged/heavy duty. Use these over your existing mats or as stand-alone mats. $50.00
  2. Stingray Chevy Indoor Car Cover

    General Discussion
    Good morning all. After searching on the forum, I was unable to find what I was looking for. I am trying to find out the manufacturer of the indoor (red) Stingray Car Cover (purchased as an option with the '14 C7). I am a big fan of it and am wanting to have one made with similar materials for...
  3. NIB Splash Guards (Akron, OH)

    C7 Parts For Sale
    (Ignore - Returning to Seller) NIB Splash Guards (Akron, OH) ***Disregard - contacted seller and worked out a fee-less return*** Hello everyone, Due to a major mistake on my dealer's part combined with continuously jerking me around, it looks like I will not be getting the stingray I ordered...
  4. Tire and wheel protection program

    Dealer called me putting together paperwork for sale, offered tire and wheel protection package, all hazards included, for $634/5 yrs, unlimited mileage. Is this reasonable? Considering I paid 2k for optional chrome wheels and one new tire is about 500 bucks, I am leaning towards yes...