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  1. General Discussion
    Hello. I'd appreciate advice for resolving the following on my 2014 Stingray Z51 LT3 (11,000 miles). The driver's seat has an audible vibration when seat cooling is on AND starts when making a left turn. It goes away when seat cooling is turned off. When the infotainment screen is closing...
  2. Stingray Corvette Discussions
    My 2014 C7 has about 11,000 miles on it and is seldom out in wet weather. In spite of that, I just discovered that the nut that holds the left hand (door side) driver's seat track in place is severely corroded (see pic 1) The stud seems to be fine (i.e., rust free). The right side (see pic 2)...
1-2 of 2 Results