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  1. Intermittent problems playing music through bluetooth on a 2016 2LT Stingray

    Hello, I am a new member and this is my first post. I will create an intro later in the appropriate section. But first I wanted to mention a problem I am having. I searched through the electronics section on this forum and could not find any other posts on this specific issue. Basically...
  2. The Sound of Corvette

    General Discussion
    Ran across this article today, and thought it fun to share. I really enjoy learning about all of the cool and nerdy ways cars are engineered. Enjoy!
  3. Best option for changing the sound without voiding warranty / needing a tune.

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    My goal for my C7 Z51 is to have it sound more agressive. I'd like to keep the awesome corvette sound, just amplify it. I want to stay away from popping, high pitched sounds. Sorry I am not more technical in my description other than that. My goal is also not to have to tune my car or...