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  1. C7 Parts For Sale
    Hello, So im looking to sell all my old parts i have replaced with new upgraded parts they’re just taking space in my storage if anyone can help me out and see how much i can sell each part for. I have Stock C7 headers and catted x pipe Stock air intake Stock side fender vents Stock front...
  2. Corvettes for Sale
    This rolled across my instagram feed today, looks nice. what are your guys thoughts? they are asking $85k it has Scca race history and has been restored
  3. "Owner Built" Threads
    Good weekend everyone, Working on a good friends C7 LT1 Stingray convertible. while sitting here in the seat. here are the details.. Will be installed a ProCharger kit P1X (spec has upgraded gear set, black satin finish, drain tube, race filter) To then be adding in My Version of a mixed...
  4. Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    I recently got a vette and was in looking for some mods for my car since it was pretty much plain. I searched on ebay and i found this local company since i live in Miami i figure i would pay them a visit to see what all they have. WHEN I TELL YOU THEY ARE LEGIT, they are legit. I found a gem...
  5. Photos/Videos/Colors
    New Corvette, New Mods! Just a couple of simple things I had done!
  6. Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    It's nice to meet everyone! I bought a 2016 Arctic white stingray 8 AT from Chevy of Porterville back in July last year, I traded in an 2010 Infiniti G37S sedan. It's been almost one whole year and I'm almost at 20,000 miles! This car is daily driven, I have a fairly normal Socal work commute, a...
  7. Photos/Videos/Colors
    Hope you're enjoying your Stingrays!
  8. C7 Parts For Sale
    Front 18's Back 19's These wheels and tires are coming off my 2016 purchased a few months ago. The tires have less than 300 miles on them and the wheels are in immaculate condition. TPMS sensors not included. Looking to sell all 4 together. No trades. Local pick up in the South Florida area...
  9. Ray Huffines Chevrolet Plano
    Please don't hesitate to call or message me with any questions if you are interested in any of these new C7's and their June 2016 offerings. Thanks - Jeff 2016 Corvette Z06 Coupe - Admiral Blue, Jet Black Interior. LT4 6.2 Liter Supercharged V8, 7 speed manual transmission, 3LZ Premium...
  10. General Discussion
    Hi, I just signed up and hope I can get some help. I have a 1980 Corvette with a 5.7 litre engine. When I am standing still in traffic and the car is in Neutral and my foot is on the brake, it keeps running without a problem. However, if it is in Drive and I have my foot on the brake the engine...
  11. Photos/Videos/Colors
    KAIJU's Build Thread | Photos, Videos & Reviews Welcome to KAIJU's Corvette Thread. After wanting to own a Corvette for years, I picked up my dream car here in Toronto, Canada in April of 2016. The entire journey of the Corvette will be captured on camera and shared here. I wanted to start this...
  12. C7 Parts For Sale
    FLOOR MATS - CARGO AREA PREMIUM ALL WEATHER - Black Keep the cargo area of your Corvette Stingray Coupe protected and well-detailed with a Premium Cargo Carpet Mat, featuring rich, detailed embroidery Stingray logo. Looks brand new. Cargo Mat $100 Floor Mats $70
  13. C7 Parts For Sale
    Used for a very short time, excellent condition. Price these elsewhere and you'll see this is a great deal for very high quality mats! 90.00. Buyer pays shipping.
  14. Want to Buy (WTB)
    I am looking for a set of OEM Base Stingray 18 / 19 inch wheels Would prefer silver or black painted but would take chrome for the right price. Must be in good shape (doesn't have to be perfect). Need them before early Spring.
  15. General Discussion
    Does anyone have a Corvette inspired tattoo? If so, what and where? I've never had the desire for a tattoo, but I had this idea last week to get a small stingray tattoo in my ear. Gotta work up my courage! C7STGRA
  16. Suburban Chevrolet / Trunk Monkey Parts
    Add some flair to your Corvette Stingray interior with an embroidered Front Floor Console Armrest with Stingray logo. Availability in several colors to match your vehicle's interior. NOW AVAILABLE WITH THE Z06 LOGO, ONLY A FEW SELECT COLORS AS OF NOW Stingray Logo Floor Console Lid...
  17. Suburban Chevrolet / Trunk Monkey Parts
    Make sure you get the oil you want in your Corvette! Normally when you get serviced for an oil change, the service provider will do their best to match up the oil used to what is stated on the oil cap of your car. Almost all of the oil caps for the Corvettes are labeled dexos for the GM dexos...
1-19 of 119 Results