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  1. Stock C7 Supercharger Upgrade

    General Discussion
    Decided to convert my lease on my daily driver so that I will have it for much longer. I have a base 1lt C7 Stingray. She drives amazing and get many heads a turning no matter where I go. My push to go to a C8 isn't near as much as it used to be. I do however want some additional power...
  2. Water spots on supercharger aluminum fins

    This has to be a common problem though not everyone may care. I notice water spots on the fins of the supercharger, the aluminum shiny parts. What's the cleaning approach? Vinegar and Q-tips etc.?
  3. Performance (Supercharger) without busting warranty

    General Discussion
    I want to start working on slowly upgrading my Stingray (2017) and to appease my wife I can't do anything that will mess with the warranty. Besides the obvious with no cutting or welding, it seems like what will or won't affect warranty is a very gray area. I was asking the dealership i...
  4. Supercharger Mega Savings Edlebrock Eforce and Magnuson @ RDP Store.......

    RDP Store
    RDP Store is a True Hands on Performance Shop and Not just a Internet Sales Business, we fit, install and Dynotune all of the Superchargers that we sell so that we can not only sell you the parts that you need at a Great Price but we can also give you installation and tuning advice. Stay Tuned...
  5. Did a NC GM dealer/performance shop install your aftermarket supercharger or exhaust?

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    PLEASE DON'T HIJACK THIS THREAD WITH OPINIONS ON WHICH EQUIPMENT YOU BELIEVE IS BETTER (there are plenty of threads on this already)! Hi all, I'm thinking about adding a supercharger and maybe a new exhaust system on my 2015 C7 with NPP. If you had either/both of these installed on your C7 in...
  6. Race vs Porsche 911 Turbo in Qualifying rounds

    Street Class 650wHP and less
  7. Racing vs 1997 K20 Turbocharged Civic (700HP on slicks) Slipstream Roll Race

    Tons of fun still win or lose.. this was the final. They took the 24 fastest cars and pitted them against eachother.. Civic was suppose to be 2 classes above me over 750HP