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  1. 17' Grand Sport Torch Red 1 Week of Ownership

    General Discussion
    09/13/16 Delivery of Ordered 17' Grand Sport. I am a finance manager at a Socal Chevrolet dealership. My shift at work didn't start until 1 PM. At 11 AM, one of my salesman Facetimes me the delivery of my 2017 Grand Sport 1LT from the carrier. With absolutely NO CHILL, i rushed to work to...
  2. 2014-2016 Corvette Torch Red Touch Up Paint (70U, GKZ, WA9075) 19329358

    Suburban Chevrolet / Trunk Monkey Parts
    Take care of any of those scratches or chips with this genuine GM touch up paint. Or just have it in the glove box incase something does happen. Best price anywhere!! TORCH RED TOUCH UP PAINT (70U, GKZ, WA9075) - GM (19329358)
  3. SOLD! 1 oak” national corvette museum 20th anniv 2014 c7 z51 3lt stingray

    Corvettes for Sale
    *** SOLD *** ******************************* ** PRICE REDUCED ; NOW ASKING $62K OR REASONABLE OFFER*** “1 oak” national corvette museum 20th anniversary celebration 2014 c7 stingray! - rare “pilot” vin #1g1ym2d74e5000273, owned by GM As promotional-showcar - pilot...
  4. Took my Stingy to get hand washed and look what happened...

    It's the American Dream.
  5. Color Combo - Cant decide!

    Hey everyone. I am putting in an order for a C7 (base) early next week and, as embarrassing as it sounds I STILL haven't decided between the following color combinations: -Torch Red Exterior with Adrenaline Red Interior and 5-spoke Black-painted aluminum wheels -Torch Red Exterior with Gray...