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  1. 2014 Z51 3LT magnetic ride with extended Chevy warranty

    Corvettes for Sale
    Hi all, second baby is on the way. Enjoy a discounted C7 with the that same peace of mind as new! My car has: - Transferable Chevy Platinum warranty purchased directly from GM dealer; it's basically the bumper to bumper and includes coverage for technology including radio, magnetic ride, and...
  2. Normal wear and tear

    General Discussion
    Hi guys! What do you consider "normal wear and tear" I have a claim with my local dealer in Santa Rosa regarding multiple items as the bumper-to-bumper is expiring. One of the items is the vibration in the steering column at higher speeds and vigorously braking. I considered this warped rotors...
  3. Help! I have a cracked hood!!!

    General Discussion
    Yes I do, and the body shop said the small crack is right above the drivers side hood hinge. And the hood is out of alignment slightly. Body shop feels the crack was caused by upward pressure from hinge, which was inturn caused by misaligned hood. It is unknown if hood was misaligned at factory...
  4. Performance (Supercharger) without busting warranty

    General Discussion
    I want to start working on slowly upgrading my Stingray (2017) and to appease my wife I can't do anything that will mess with the warranty. Besides the obvious with no cutting or welding, it seems like what will or won't affect warranty is a very gray area. I was asking the dealership i...
  5. Supercharger Mega Savings Edlebrock Eforce and Magnuson @ RDP Store.......

    RDP Store
    RDP Store is a True Hands on Performance Shop and Not just a Internet Sales Business, we fit, install and Dynotune all of the Superchargers that we sell so that we can not only sell you the parts that you need at a Great Price but we can also give you installation and tuning advice. Stay Tuned...
  6. Has anyone heard of Master Tech warranty?

    General Discussion
    Hello. I was discussing warranties with my dealership prior to my upcoming delivery. I was told that the "Master Tech" warranty is just like the GMEPP warranty but is less expensive. He said Master Tech is a subsidiary or owned by GM. Cannot remember his exact wording. He said they are really...
  7. Did a NC GM dealer/performance shop install your aftermarket supercharger or exhaust?

    LT1 & Its Powertrain Discussion
    PLEASE DON'T HIJACK THIS THREAD WITH OPINIONS ON WHICH EQUIPMENT YOU BELIEVE IS BETTER (there are plenty of threads on this already)! Hi all, I'm thinking about adding a supercharger and maybe a new exhaust system on my 2015 C7 with NPP. If you had either/both of these installed on your C7 in...
  8. Cracked Trunk Lid - Devastated

    General Discussion
    So when I closed the trunk this afternoon, I pushed down on top of the trunk above the latch to close it all the way. When I did, I heard a loud crack and lo and behold there is about a 5 inch crack underneath the paint above the latch point ... :mad: Now my first thought was did I put too much...
  9. NJ owners: Who do you like for warranty maintenance/service?

    General Discussion
    I'm particularly interested in places North of or just below I-78. Going to need that first oil change soon. Paramus Chevrolet popped up favorably a couple times in a thread on another forum, but nothing recent.