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  1. Vette Magazine cover pic! - Yep your friendly neighborhood member made it :)

    General Discussion
    The Vette Magazine issue hit news stands yesterday and quite the coincidence on my daughter's first birthday! :D Looks like all of my hard work paid off :) It's really great when a national publication like this takes notice and likes all of the things you've done. While growing up in a...
  2. 2015 Shark Gray C7 with carbon splitter and rockers

    Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Troy saw Doug's carbon kit and called me with the honor to kit his now rare 2015 C7 with the weapon7 carbon fiber aero kit. These look awesome! Nice garage lift Troy!
  3. weapon X motorsports aero kit - client pics!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I have been getting more and more pics in lately with clients getting their parts on their cars. I still need to get Theta's pics of his kit on the laguna blue C7, Red Carrot's pics on his cyber gray, and I have an NRB kit in the works now. I'll make some great deals on velocity yellow, lime...
  4. Aero kit dilemmas? Carbon Flash against Carbon Fiber PICS

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I get the question a lot from you guys as to whether you should order the Carbon Flash or the Carbon Fiber to adorn your beastly Stingrays?! It's a great question really, but mostly comes down to personal preference. I know there is the argument that if you hit something, you could just repair...
  5. Lifetime NCM Member's weapon7 aero kit installed!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Doug has owned several Corvettes throughout the years after his service for our country. He custom ordered his C7 and optioned it Blade Silver with red interior, the Z51 package, 3LT, micro fiber, CF dash, CF roof and clear roof, and the man Tadge even signed his hood! Doug opted for museum...
  6. weaponX C7 on the 20/21" 3pc PUR LX12s with 375s!

    Wheels & Tires
    These turned out AMAZING! They're pretty wild but just what I'm after for shows. I can't wait to get my carbon kit on there to compliment them. The WEAPON X MOTORSPORTS carbon fiber aero kit and hood will debut at the National Corvette Museum Bash next weekend! These PUR wheels are 12.5"...
  7. New site is live!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    CLICK ME: weaponXmotorsports Been working diligently on the new weaponX C7 site and I've had it live since Monday monitoring the activity. A few of you have found your way on there from here! :) So, feel free to peruse the site and let me know what you guys think. I'm sure there will be a...
  8. Like our facebook page for contest $ and a lot of awesome pictures!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    So, aside from the pics and videos of our products and clients, we also do a lot of fun contests and giveaways! Last week we gave away a $100 coupon for the best CTS V picture receiving the most "likes" and this today, we're doing the C7 Corvette picture receiving the most likes get's $100...
  9. weapon X motorsports 1000+HP CTS V

    Weapon X Motorsports
    I'll add some more info to this later if you're interested to see my other big project car. 2009 CTS V sedan (556hp stock) 6spd 6L90 auto (the next step above the C7 auto trans) - built/upgraded by Circle D 3600 stall triple disc torq converter - Circle D Built 388 4.125 bore LSA motor -...
  10. Custom wheel pics on C7s

    Wheels & Tires
    You might have already noticed... but I LOVE wheels. :) I have a set in the works that just came out and they're from a place that mostly does exotics. In my search, I've collected as many pics as possible as well as some renderings too. I thought I'd share what I have with you guys in the...