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  1. General Discussion
    Michael reached out to me for a set of forged wheels for his red Z and I showed him a new style I was working on. He had me make them in a 3pc with deep color matched lips and carbon fiber centers. The result was a one of a kind Z cruising the Vegas strip! Yes I relaize there will always be...
  2. Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    Gerry sent me pics of his weapon7 splitter and aero kit and he had them trimmed in red to match the C7. They look fantastic!
  3. Corvette Accessories/Visual Modifications
    While Josh was over at ModBall Europe, he dropped his C7 off at Cordes Performance for a blower and cam build. They put our ported LT1 CNC heads on it with a cam and blower and ended up making 684HP to the wheels! While he was gone, Cordes was nice enough to do a shoot with his car and our...
  4. General Discussion
    Here are some more shots around town. Our aero products can be found here or feel free to reach out to me for a package price! There will be a lot more C7 owner pics showing up very soon! :cheers: The C7 Shop by Weapon X Motorsports ? AERO COUTURE
  5. Wheels & Tires
    I worked closely with Weld and was the first to setup the CTS V world on their drag wheels. I was eager to bring a solution for the C7 as well. I finally got my wheels mounted up and on my C7. The fronts are 18x6 on M&H skinnies, the rears are 18x11.5" on M&H 325s. I lowered the car on the...
  6. Introductions & Owners’ Corner
    Greetings fellow StingrayForums members! I'm very excited to be joining this forum. :) I was going to wait for the Z06; however, we decided to get started early on this one and get into the Z06 next year. So, we scoured the countryside and ended up just a couple hours away at Coughlin...
1-6 of 10 Results