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Note: I traded my 2008 C6 Z06 in for a C7 Coupe Z51 (LT2, Torch Red/Adrenaline Red Interior/Black Wheels/NPP)

Random thoughts/impressions:
1. To me, the LT1 actually "feels" more powerful/peppy in the low RPM range than the LS7, but not the violent/hell-fire acceleration.
2. The performance exhaust should be considered a must-have option (for performance, sound and looks)
3. Thinner tire/contact patch provides vast ride and cockpit sound improvement.
4. Brakes are amazing; not that it changes performance but I'd go for the caliper color option. I have red inside black rims--looks great.
5. The various vents, while nice looking from a distance, are mostly low quality plastic pieces vs. the many other high quality pieces/parts.
6. Panel gaps, paint quality and general fitment are excellent on my car.
7. No squeaks or rattles. Has that "solid feel," when you close the door.
8. Rear hatch is still hard to close with the doors closed and the doors need a little more force to close--both may change with more use.
9. Interior quality is everything you're hearing--great materials and high quality. Seats are excellent, heated and vented!
10. Electronics (HUD, dashboard, center console) are easy to use and have more options than I'll ever use or need. Navigation is top notch.

On the whole, no doubt, best Corvette I have ever owned; one of the best cars I have ever owned. Chevy hit this one out of the park.

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Great to hear your good news about the car!!! Exciting to hear all your praise about it. Got an enthusiastic ride in one last week and it is an exciting car, with so much to really like.

Conversely, many of us have become a touch "enthusiasm tempered," due to some quality issues some folks are experiencing. Hopefully, those with problems will get them quickly fixed, and your car and others without problems will increasingly become usual and typical, the "rule."

Nice write up and here is to continued happy days for you! And many others!!!

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Really nice write up! Thanks for sharing your thoughts:cool:

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