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BGAP Z06 Update:1st Z06 Completed.

Or, "luck beats the heck out of brains anytime," for just happened to be in the right place at the right time as per below...

The line was not moving at 6:12 AM start of shift this morning, after Friday's frame-shop robot wiring failure, but did start at 8:46 AM. Z06's continued to move toward the finish line, with VIN 001, Rick Hendrick's black Z06 being the first one (no surprise) and it came off the line at 9:26 AM. Happened to luckily be at that exact spot as part of my public tour. Jeff LaMarche and other top BGAP Plant staff were there for photographs, etc.

The production rate continues to be just under 7 Z06's per hour. Saw a rainbow of colors, in fact can not think of a color of Z06 that I did not see.

In response to earlier-asked questions, splitter and skirts are not attached prior to the dealership PDI, so can not determine the specific appearance of the Stage 1 splitter. As noted earlier, EVERY Z06 spoiler is carbon flash metallic, regardless of whether it is a Stage 1, 2 or Z07 and regardless of whether one selects CFZ or CFZ.
John- where is the picture taken, looks like the car is already at someone's house?
1 - 1 of 106 Posts
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