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Lashway Motorsports Vehicle Info: This vehicle came to us already locked and loaded from Callaway. The vehicle features a Magnacharger 2300, a bevy of appearance options, and full exhaust with longtube headers. Even after all of these upgrades, the customer wanted more…so we gave him more. Custom Blower cam, ATI Overdriven Crank Balancer, Dual Valve Springs, Hardened Pushrods, and a custom Lashway Motorsports dyno tune. The end result was a 600+ RWHP beast that can be driven each and every day of the week without a single issue. To top it off, we had Shawn of Sully’s detailing work his magic on the exterior of the vehicle with a full paint correction. To date, the vehicle has spent much of it’s time at the Palm Beach International raceway road course, and 200+ MPH runs on closed courses!

Sully`s Detailing Vehicle Info:The owner of this vehicle is super meticulous about everything on the vehicle. This vehicle was at Lashway Motorsports getting some go fast part installed. After they were done with all the work the owner now wanted the car to look as good as it performed. We ended up performing a “minor paint correction” on the whole vehicle. The total process took about 14 hours to complete.

Products Used:

Shine Supply Cool Guy
Shine Supply Hot Shot Soap
Shine Supply Classic Cut
Shine Supply Classic Polish
Shine Supply Cruze Night
Shine Supply Daddy O
Shine Supply Hyper Dressing
Rupes LHR 15ES
Lake Country Flat Orange Pad
Lake County Flat White Pad
Lake Country Flat Pad
Lake Country Flat Blue Pad

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