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C7 Corvette Billy Boat B&B Gen3 Fusion Exhaust

When GM designed and introduced bi-modal exhaust systems for their flagship Corvette line-up they took the automotive world by storm. These exhausts are brilliant for offering a more tame and quiet driving experience at lower RPM ranges, while also opening up their valves for a wide open roar under more intense, heavy acceleration, and red-line pushing driving conditions. Of course, even with that in mind, the stock mufflers designed by Chevrolet are way too restrictive for the sound most people want and expect out of their small block V8 engine.
The Fusion Exhaust provides that same bi-modal functionality with a more aggressive and race inspired tone. With the tips closed, the Fusion and the Stock exhaust are comparable. The fusion's tone is deepened and cleaner, but, it's not noticeably louder; however, when a Corvette outfitted with a Fusion Exhaust opens up, the sound is unmistakable. The Fusion provides a hearty, muscle-car tone when wide open that is similar to the B&B Bullet exhaust, only a little bit quieter. This is achieved through the use of shortened Fusion mufflers that provide a more free-flowing and resonant exhaust.


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