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For those looking to play around with options and pricing of the new 2014 C7 Corvette, Mkenm from corvetteforum has put together a spreadsheet that is awesome.

If you are not familiar with Excel please read the following:

In column G you will see a Yellow ribbon running from cell G2 to cell G188. To start select the model of the car you want to price out by putting an "x" in column G next to the model. Next select the trim 1LT, 2LT or 3LT by using the same "x" process. Once you select the trim level columns will appear to the right of all the options that are available with the trim level you have selected. If you are not familiar with what the options are for each model this will help. In the Yellow column continue putting x’s next to the options that you want. Keep in mind the chart on the right and note the following:

A = Available option for that model and trim level
-- = Not available for that model and trim level.
S = Standard for that model and trim level
I = Included for the Model and Trim Level Selected

Once you have selected all your options you can now proceed to the bottom of the page. Column “D” is where you will be working. Cell D191 will give you the MSRP for the vehicle. If you have a trade in cell D192 is the place to put it. At this point in cell D193 you can put in any number you want to indicate the discount you think is fair and reasonable. Cell D194 is where you can show any dealer or GM incentives. You can figure sales tax if you like (you need to change the percentage in column C cell 196) by putting in the percentage for your state. You can then enter Motor Vehicle charges if any.

At this point you need to compare column “D” with Column “E” which represents what is referred to as Dealer Invoice and see where your number is with and without trades and adjusted discounts you are looking for. Column “F” represents something closer to true cost.

Some people say that you can do this online. That maybe true but you can do so much more that I think you will find this tool worthwhile.

Please remember you can only work in the Yellow and Green cells you cannot click on any other cells. This spreadsheet will be added to as new pricing becomes available.

Download it here:
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