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2014 M7 Shifting Issue

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I have a 2014 Z51 M7.

If I come to a stop in a higher gear, sometimes I'll have a problem getting it back into 1st while stationary. If I can tell it's not engaged I can slip the clutch a bit and usually get it there, otherwise the gears don't mesh.

Under normal driving it shifts fine, and if I downshift to 1st while I'm still moving it also does fine.

The easy solution is to just downshift every time.

The clutch reservoir level seems to be at the min line so I'll fix that. Speaking of which, the manual say not to remove the cap to check the fluid level, but my reservoir is black, so I can't see the level without removing the cap. Do you guys have opaque reservoirs?

I haven't started trouble-shooting this yet, but I thought I'd ask her in case anyone has had a similar problem...


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If shifting into first requires extra effort, it's probably not a problem but the extra effort associated with 1st gear's two synchros.

If on the other hand , you must double clutch to get into first, then see the dealer. There is something wrong.

Concerning dark clutch fluid...check out this thread.....
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