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Now before everyone flips out I know this is not a C7 I am simply posting this to show case our work.

The owner of this vehicle had it detailed by Auto Nation Ford in Margate Florida and they left the vehicle hammered. Full of swirls, holograms, buffer trails, and scratches. The owner contacted us to get the paint corrected and apply Cquartz for maximum protection.

Products Used:
Sully's Detailing Supply Auto Bathe
Sully's Detailing Supply Wheel Cleaners & Iron Remover
Sully's Detailing Supply APC
Sully's Detailing Supply Ultimate Dressing
Rupes DA
Scholl Concepts Purple Pad
Scholl Concepts Blue Pad
Scholl Concepts Orange Pad
Scholl Concepts S3
Scholl Concepts S30
CarPro Reflect
CarPro Eraser
CarPro Reload
CarPro Cquartz



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