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Another C7 in this week for upgrades....

We had a '14 in this past week for a set of Kooks 1 7/8" Longtubes, uncatted X pipe, and a custom Lashway Motorsports tune. We were unable to baseline the vehicle, so actual gains are an estimate, but we know that the vehicle picked up at least 25 RWHP from headers only. It's probably more like 35, but we're going to remain on the conservative side.

Driving the vehicle, you can 100% feel the difference in acceleration, and 0-60 time.

We are authorized installers of Kooks products, and usually have inventory in stock.

Here are some picture of the parts, install, and dyno. kook vette 5.jpg kook vette 4.jpg kook vette 3.jpg kook vette 2.jpg kook vette.jpg
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