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2014 Vette clutch chatter/shutter

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Experiencing a chatter in first and reverse when slowly accelerating. Had 6 previous vettes without this problem. GM field engineer states that all have may have a shutter. (some more, some less) I drove a identical vette with him at the dealer and it had NO problem. He states that GM is willing to change the clutch pressure plate.

Does anyone have a similar problem? and if so, have you determined the cause?

Who has the same vehicle without the chatter?
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Mike from Danville, welcome to our forum! At Ron Fellows I drove a number of different Z51s 7 speed over two days and never experienced any chatter or shutter when slowly accelerating- though admittedly most of the driving was high speed rapid acceleration, we did go slowly when lining up, approaching the track, and returning after the cool down laps.
Z51 Clutch chatter and non-Z51 clutch threads have been combined since we are having duplicate posts on both threads.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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