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2015 Family Portrait

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I thought this was a cool picture. :cool: I have my doubts about the cars on the back row being 2015 models, but who cares? A little editorial license is fine with me!

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It's great to see them all together in the same frame like that.
Hi Guys,

The Z51 are indeed separate models (not options). Below are the four distinct model numbers, copied straight out of a 2014 order guide:

1YY07 - Stingray Coupe
1YX07 - Stingray Coupe w/Z51
1YY67 - Stingray Convertible
1YX67 - Stingray Convertible w/Z51
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Can we agree that it is a sub/model? haha!
I still don't see it, (Z51) as a model. It is an option available on the 1YY07 and 1YX07 but not a separate model. They don't say you are getting a Z51 Corvette, they say you are getting a Corvette with a Z51 option package.
and the thread goes on and on and on.........OK, You can drive your Z51 Corvette and I will drive my Corvette with the Z51 option. When they put a badge on it that says Z51 then it will be a model as was the ZR1 when it was badged. Until then my opinon which I am entitled to is that Z51 is an option. Whew:confused:

I am sorry, but, no, there is no Z51 option available on the 1YY07 StingRay. It is impossible to order model 1YY07 and add the Z51 option.

If you order a Z51 Coupe, it is the 1YX07 model.

But if you want to say you have the Z51 option instead of model, you can, of course, say that if you like.

I do agree with you that I wish they would put a Z51 badge on it.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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