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2015 Family Portrait

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I thought this was a cool picture. :cool: I have my doubts about the cars on the back row being 2015 models, but who cares? A little editorial license is fine with me!

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The Machined Wheels look great with the Silver! Wish they had had them with the Z-51.
Thanks for posting. Kind of surprised they did not have at least 1 Z51 in the shot as well.
Actually they should have had 6 cars pictured, those 4 plus the 2 Z-51s, there are 6 different models.
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Ya you are right. Z51 is an option, not a model. Just like ZR1 is an option of performance since the 70s but was not made into a model name until the late 80's & 2000s. As was the Z06 in the 2000s. Now it is a model name. For now Z51 is just an option package.
It Is a Model, that has been argued here on the Forum before in several places I was following. The reasoning is that they list the allocations in a Group of (4) Models and two of those groups are the Z-51, Coupe & Vert., they do Not list the Options as groups.
Can we agree that it is a sub/model? haha!
I still don't see it, (Z51) as a model. It is an option available on the 1YY07 and 1YX07 but not a separate model. They don't say you are getting a Z51 Corvette, they say you are getting a Corvette with a Z51 option package.
and the thread goes on and on and on.........OK, You can drive your Z51 Corvette and I will drive my Corvette with the Z51 option. When they put a badge on it that says Z51 then it will be a model as was the ZR1 when it was badged. Until then my opinon which I am entitled to is that Z51 is an option. Whew:confused:

1YX07 - Stingray Z-51 Coupe and X marks the place!!

From the September 2013 issue of Motor Trend :

"First Test:

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51
Refined Tuning: Sampling the gentrified and fully adjustable C7 Z51"

Read more: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 First Test - Motor Trend

Have you Ever seen MT First Test an OPTION? NO!

btw ALL the Car Magazines call it "The Z-51"! Case Rests!!!
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