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2015 Nightrace Blue C7 Corvette Stingray Detail - Cquartz Finest - New Car Protection

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The owner of this Stingray painted in a unique NightRace Blue contacted us for our New Car Protection package with Cquartz Finest for its guaranteed 2-year paint protection, gloss and ease of maintenance. Its a pretty wild looking color in person, shifting from dark blues to vibrant purples in various lighting.

We started by cleaning and removing the iron contaminents from the wheel faces and wheel barrels.

Pre-Inspection & Paint Correction

Once the entire car was decontaminated, we began inspecting the car for scratches and factory defects.

This C7 Stingray was in pretty good shape needing deeper correction only in a couple small areas. Here are a few that I managed to capture with the camera..

CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating

Once the paint correction was complete and there were no defects left in the car, Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Protection was applied to the complete exterior.

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Thanks for posting this. I am debating CQuartz on my NRB as well.
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