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Service Bulletin GM Bulletin No.14628 Date: September 2014

SUBJECT: Service Update for Inventory Vehicles Only Drive Audit for Transmission Noise
and Loss of Reverse

Vehicle Limited to 3rd and 4th Forward Gear

Expires October 31, 2015

MODELS: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Equipped with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission (M5U)

This service update involves vehicles in dealer inventory only and will expire October 31, 2015.
This bulletin provides a service procedure to perform a drive audit on all 2015 model year Corvette vehicles in inventory that are equipped with an 8 speed automatic transmission (M5U). A small number of transmissions may develop a crack in the triple clutch housing internal to the transmission, leading to noise, loss of reverse gear, and limiting the driver to 3rd and 4th forward gears. The drive audit must be completed before vehicle delivery (and in addition to normal pre-delivery inspection activities) to identify vehicles with the condition. If the condition is found, dealers are to replace the transmission under the existing exchange program, see PIP5200A for details.

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Thanks for posting. Interesting, but in fact can't apply to anyone who has already picked up their A8 Stingray since this is only relevant for "This service update involves vehicles in dealer inventory only" and if they have not picked it up it will be handled before they do.
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